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Easy way to deploy all the resources around Mexico

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We are one phone call away from finding the right person for our clients needs.

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Helping Your Business

If you are a small or medium sized business and you have the need to travel, interact and respond to your customers in Mexico.

What We Offer

Representation of companies outside of Mexico looking to service their customer base into Mexico.

Who we are

BS de Mexico is a company with the experience to do your business in Mexico. Located in the Juarez, MX – EL Paso, TX Border Area.

Why Mexico Representation

Experience on the supplier and customer sides of the Mexican manufacturing industry. We know NAFTA inside and out and have intimate understanding of the Mexican supply chains and its players.

Business trips to meet and discuss issues and problems with suppliers, customers and partners, are being programmed and attended by BS Mexico, when starting up a new operation or business. Francisco Alfaro, CEO BS Mexico